Request for Proposal Success Stories

Columbia County, Arkansas


SWS was engaged by Columbia County, Arkansas to assist the County in determining if going back into the hauling business would be the best use of capital funds.

 Additionally, the County wanted an engineering study prepared to discuss the long-term needs for sanitary landfilling for the County.

Highland Park, Texas


The Town of Highland Park employed the services of SWS to help decide if upgrading and renewing their current contract was a better option than go to the marketplace.

The cost of the procurement process was avoided and service levels were increased for the betterment of the community.

Highland Village, Texas


 “They demonstrated an extensive knowledge of the industry and the ability to facilitate an advantageous solid waste contract for the City.”  Scott Kriston, Public Works Director.

The City engaged SWS to prepare the documents to extract the best value from the marketplace to serve this community and it's business segment. 

The Township of The Woodlands

SWS has been retained by the Township of The Woodlands to assist in the preparation on an Invitation to Bid for their environmental services.

Tomball, Texas


“I believe that SWS’s experience and knowledge of the industry helped us achieve our goals in selecting the service provider and help us in writing the corresponding contract.”  David Equivel, Assistant City Manager.

The City was seeking options to examine before making their final decision. SWS prepared the RFP documents that brought the best from the proposing firms!

Request for Proposal Success Stories

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Burleson, Texas


The City was contemplating major service changes and wanted to validate potential cost increases before asking Council for a final decision. SWS consulted with Staff and the current vendor to determine that a contract renewal was the best route, eliminating the need for a request for proposal. Secured a unanimous vote from Town Council.

Leander, Texas


Recycle Construction Material or Landfill It?  The City engaged SWS to prepare and present a study to guide their final decsion.